The International Federation of Jala Neti has announced the new IFJN ranking for 2011, based on results of the official IFJN tournaments held in 2010. We would like to congratulate Mr. Fedor Konyukhov (Russia) who has been holding the IFJN’s no. 1 spot for the consecutive third year. The Federation also welcomes return of Mr. Yang Lou Wing (China) to the top 10 after his absence due to a heavy injury. And finally, we would like to congratulate all the Jala Neti athletes whose tremendous performance earned them the Top 10 position in the IFJN ranking (the full IFJN ranking can be ordered by IFJN members by sending an e-mail to

This is the Top 10 according to the new IFJN ranking:

  1. Fedor Konyukhov (Russia) 2146 points
  2. Yang Lou Wing (China) 1974 points
  3. Gurumayi Patanjali (India) 1848 points
  4. Michael Clark (USA) 1798 points
  5. Gajapathi Kumar (India) 1484 points
  6. David Baptiste (South Afrika) 1472 points
  7. Yao Xiang (China) 1422 points
  8. Lucas Friedrich (Germany) 1288 points
  9. Guo Li (China) 1264 points
  10. Vijay Umrigar (India) 1232 points