The International Federation of Jala Neti would like to announce that the Executive Committee of IFJN was re-elected for another 5 years by the IFJN congress in London, UK. The congress also approved the 2010 annual report presented by Dr. Joachim Meyer, President of IFJN. In his speech, Dr. Mayer expressed gratitude to all members of IFJN for their dedication to the main objective of IFJN – promoting Jala Neti around the world. He also expressed the hope that the International Olympic Committee will come back on their decision to suspend demonstration sports from the Olympic Games programme, so that IFJN and other federations representing non-Olympic sports would have a chance to share their sport with the world.

The Executive Committee of IFJN consists of the following three members:

  • Dr. Joachim Meyer (Switzerland), President
  • Dr. Li Wang (China), Vice-President
  • Mr. Vladimir Trofimov (Russia), Treasurer
Executive Committee of International Federation Jala Neti

The Executive Committee of the International Federation of Jala Neti