The International Federation Jala Neti (IFJN) is the international regulatory body promoting Jala Neti, organizing world chamionships Jala Neti, and setting rules for official Jala Neti tournaments. IFJN is located in Lausanne, Switzerland and governed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of Dr. Joachim Meyer (Switzerland), President, Dr. Li Wang (China), Vice-President and Mr. Vladimir Trofimov (Russia), Treasurer.

Executive Committee of International Federation Jala Neti

The Executive Committee of the International Federation of Jala Neti

The mission of IFJN is promoting Jala Neti around the world. Jala Neti is a yoga technique of daily nose cleansing with seawater. Read more about Jala Neti.

The main objectives of the International Federation of Jala Neti are as follows:

  • Organizing promotional events for Jala Neti.
  • Setting rules for the official Jala Neti tournaments.
  • Organizing world championships Jala Neti.
  • Building relationships with international sports federations, Jala Neti practitioners, health care professionals and their representative organizations

You can contact IFJN by sending us an e-mail to jalanetifederation@gmail.comLesen Sie mehr über IFJN in DeutschЧитайте о Международной Федерации Джала Нети по-русски. 關於國際聯合會 Jala的Neti.