The Technical Committee of IFJN has received a number of proposals and questions from our members regarding the Jala Neti technique approved by the federation and allowed on the official tournaments of IFJN. The reason for these questions is that Jala Neti evolves. And that some athletes experiment with the Jala Neti technique to improve their results. The Technical Committee of IFJN, chaired by Dr. Wang, discussed this matter and unanimously took the following decision:

“IFJN is responsible for guarding the Jala Neti’s heritage and encouraging millions of people around the world to use the proper Jala Neti technique. That is why the Technical Committee of IFJN decides not to amend rules of the official tournaments, organised by IFJN. Athletes participating in the official IFJN tournaments are only allowed to use their nose. They are still allowed to use their breath to increase the speed and volume of the water running through the nose.
The Technical Committee declines the proposal submitted by the American Jala Neti Association to allow an alternative Jala Neti technique, where athletes could use their mouth (the athlete would sniff the water into the mouth and spit it out). This technique clearly contradicts the centuries-old tradition of Jala Neti.”

Please, view the instruction video demonstrating the proper Jala Neti technique, provided by our sponsor Aqua Maris.